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This website, and those who maintain it, are dedicated to providing substantive information, pictures and videos compiled before, during and after the Chetco Bar Megafire, which began life in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest, in Southwestern Oregon, and consumed 191,125 acres.
Chetco Bar Fire – Southwestern Oregon – 2017 (© USFS)
The Chetco Bar Fire was started by lightning strike, on June 26th, 2017, and was officially reported (first Incident Report) on the InciWeb website on July 12th, 2017, when it was less than 1/4 acre in size. Of note; that original Incident Report, along with MOST of the original Incident Reports, has vanished from the InciWeb website, which is a ‘tool’ of the US Forest Service (USFS). They’ve also redesigned the site, to make it more ‘user hostile.’
That’s what the USFS does when they KNOW they screwed up; they hide the facts and/or bury them so deeply that no one can find them anymore. The only recourse is to file a FOIA (Freedom Of Information Act) Request, and HOPE that they haven’t already destroyed the documents (evidence) being sought.
During the first few days the fire burned, the USFS Incident Commander, Monty Edwards, implemented the ‘MIST’ (Minimum Impact Suppression Techniques – commonly known as ‘Let It Burn’) policy, ignoring the fact that July, August and September are prime ‘Chetco Effect’ months, in Southwestern Oregon, which bring with it high winds, high temperatures and very low humidity; the perfect storm of conditions that create Megafires.
By August 23rd, the Chetco Bar Fire was raging out of control and had consumed in excess of 100,000 acres. It was then declared THE #1 Fire in America, by the USFS, and at its peak employed more than 1700 firefighters. It was also at that point the fire achieved Megafire status, and every effort was made to contain it. That is ALL the USFS does; they CONTAIN fires. They do NOT put them out. There is no money in putting fires out, although there are BILLIONS of dollars in letting them burn. As with ALL things ‘government’, follow the money trail and you’ll find your answers.
Smoke on the WaterChetco Bar Megafire – Brookings, Oregon – 2017
(source unknown)
The Chetco Bar Fire continued to spread until September 20th, when Mother Nature took over, as Incident Commander, and began putting the fire out with her rain. It was officially declared 100% contained by the USFS on November 4th, 2017.
This is the story of the Chetco Bar Megafire, of how our forests and the fires that are destroying them are being mismanaged by the US Forest Service, how thousands of lives and homes are put in harm’s way every fire season, and how the resulting environmental, health, financial, wildlife and societal impacts of these Megafires have affected our nation.
We, the members of Curry Wildfire Prevention, bear witness to the power and devastation of the Chetco Bar Megafire. We were there … through it all … we are still here and WE WILL NEVER FORGET! 

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