AL’s Alley & Rants

AL Stroh is a resident of Brookings, Oregon. As is the case with virtually ALL members of our group, he too lived with and through the Chetco Bar Fire over the summer of 2017; the smoke, the falling ash, the stink, the glow of the fire at night and the nervous discomfort of knowing that it was less than 5 miles from our town.
AL and Guy McMahon are past CWP Board Members who started investigating the Chetco Bar Fire from it’s very beginning, as a ‘team’, trying to piece together what caused it, WHY it was allowed to turn into a MEGAFIRE and what the root causes of Megafires really are; that would be the US Forest Circus’ ZERO MANAGEMENT POLICIES! Needless to say, both AL and Guy are NOT big fans of either the USFS OR their policies, and their intent and goals are to get those policies either changed or eliminated! 
Herein you will find articles linked to other websites that are both informative and educational, and which should help to tie up all the loose ends into a rather neat and tidy hangman’s noose. You will also find articles and ‘rants’ written by AL, which when you read one will probably give you the impression that he’s PISSED OFF! That would be an accurate assessment and he will, in no uncertain terms, admit it willingly and freely. AL is somewhat of a ‘hot-head’ (hence the ‘rants’), where those in the WRONG are concerned, and regardless of whether you agree with him or not, he WILL say (write) what he THINKS!
So, put your carryon luggage in the overhead compartment and extinguish all smoking materials. Put your seat back and tray table in their fully upright and locked position, buckle your seatbelt and stand by to receive the TRUTH about the Chetco Bar Fire. As they say, the TRUTH will set you free.

Burned – Firestorm

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Chetco Bar Fire – the Early Days

The Chetco Bar Fire (CBF) was without question one of the worst fires to burn in Southwestern Oregon. Many homes ...
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Our Crumbling Infrastructure

Late last night (Aug. 2nd, 2018) the water main near the corner of our lot broke. This is at least ...
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Creative Firefighting 101

You think you've heard it all then BAM! ... something right out of the blue surprises the hell out of ...
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The Safety of the Firefighters

This theme (The Safety of the Firefighters) is repeated over and over, in virtually every US Forest Service document that ...
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Substation Fire

The Substation Fire is currently the largest fire burning in Oregon right now. Since the Substation Fire started July 17 southeast ...
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Fire Whirl, Waterspout or Fire Tornado?

Chris Mackie posted this video on July 15, 2018 of spectacular fire behavior on a wildfire apparently near Blythe, California ...
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Latest Detected Fire Activity

For anyone wanting to keep track of the latest detected fires across the US (mostly western States) and Canada, the ...
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Lightning Maps

This morning, July 15, 2018, lightning storms began moving through the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest (RRSNF), traveling in a northeasterly direction ...
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Native American Forestry

As noted by virtually ALL European explorers when they arrived in North America and started exploring our continent, they saw ...
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Active Fires – 6 July 2018

Active Fires in Oregon (3) - 6 July 2018 The Lobster Creek Fire (Southwestern Oregon) Name - Lobster Creek Fire ...
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Fifth Anniversary of the Granite Mountain Hotshots

The date was June 30th, 2013, when 19 of the 20 Granite Mountain Hotshots died in the Yarnell Hill Fire ...
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Active Fires – 25 June 2018

Active Fires in Oregon (4) - 25 June 2018 The Graham Fire (Central Oregon) Name - Graham Incident Number - ...
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MEGAFIRES – Our Nation’s New 9/11

Every year the fires blackening our nation are getting bigger, burning hotter and longer, destroying more and more of our precious timber, burning ...
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IN YOUR FACE! – AL’s Latest Rant

We have a US Government agency, the US Forest Service that, according to Federal Law, is responsible for managing OUR ...
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